Posted On: January 28, 2009 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Deadly Car Accident in Green Cove Springs, Florida Results in Two Deaths. Who Can Sue for a Victim Who Dies?

A driver and a passenger were killed after their car ran off the road, hit a tree and caught on fire off of County Road 315 near Highway 17 in Green Cove Springs, Clay County, Florida, according to an article on, According to the article, neither victim was wearing a seat belt. The article does not say if excessive speed or some other factor caused the crash.

This accident raises a question we often see as to who can sue as a result of a car accident. It may seem obvious, but when a person dies as a result of a car crash or some other accident, a lawsuit can still be brought on that person's behalf. In such an instance, the personal injury or wrongful death lawyer for the victim's family will open up an estate, and a lawsuit can be brought against whichever party or parties caused or contributed to the accident in the name of the estate. A personal representative will be designated to act as the representative for the estate. The issue of what damages can be recovered by a plaintiff or plaintiffs suing in a wrongful death case can be complex but generally include financial losses such as the money the deceased would have earned had he/she not died, such as income or other employment-related benefits, as well as damages for loss of companionship and guidance due to the loss of a family member.

If you have questions about an auto accident or any other kind of incident involving the death of a loved one, contact a law firm whose attorneys have experience handling these matters and understand the many complex issues involved in a wrongful death case.