Posted On: March 30, 2009 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Two Separate Car Accidents Result in Two Deaths Near Lake City, Florida

Over the weekend, there were two separate car accidents that resulted in two deaths near Lake City, Florida (which is about an hour west of Jacksonville, Florida), according to an article on Apparently, both accidents involved vehicles drifting out of their lanes and ultimately leaving the roadway either partially or completely. In each accident, the driver who drifted from his lane was killed in the accident.

A common assumption regarding auto accidents in Florida is that it is more dangerous to drive in the cities, or urban areas, than out in the country, or rural areas. However, studies have shown that more fatal accidents occur on the quieter, less populated rural roads than the busier urban roads. A study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that 42% more serious, fatal accidents occur in rural areas than on roads in urban areas and the suburbs, even though people drive many more miles on the urban roads. Some of the reasons for the increase in fatal accidents on rural roads are: drivers tend to be less aware and have a greater tendency to lose focus on rural roads, rural roads are often narrower and windier with no shoulders, leaving a roadway with no shoulder at high speeds is very dangerous and drivers often over-correct exacerbating the danger and it takes longer for police and emergency medical personnel to respond to rural accidents making it difficult to get emergency treatment to accident victims.