Posted On: April 23, 2009 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Tractor Trailer Accident Kills Two People and Injures Two More on I-95 in Brunswick, Georgia

A semi truck crashed into a Toyota Camry yesterday on I-95 in Brunswick, Georgia (which is about an hour north of Jacksonville, Florida) killing the driver and a passenger and injuring two other passengers in the Camry, according to an article on

The tractor trailer driver had apparently fallen asleep just prior to hitting the Camry, according to the article. The impact from the tractor trailer pushed the Camry across the median and into the oncoming lane where it was hit by another semi truck.

We have discussed the danger of tractor trailer drivers driving while fatigued at length on this blog. Driving while fatigued, as evidenced by this accident, is a problem comparable to people driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. The problem arises when trucking companies and tractor trailer drivers fail to comply with the hours of service rules which are designed to limit the number of hours a tractor trailer can drive before he/she has to take a break. Tractor trailer drivers are required to keep accurate logs which document the number of hours they have been driving and are otherwise on-duty so it can be verified that they are taking the required time off from driving. However, trucking companies and tractor trailer drivers, who are often paid by the number of miles they drive, have a financial incentive to drive as often as possible, and the rules which require them to limit the number of hours they drive and keep accurate records are often not enforced with appropriate penalties.

In the wrongful death cases and personal injury cases that are sure to follow from this tragic accident in Brunswick, Georgia, lawyers for the victims will surely look into how much this tractor trailer driver had been driving prior to this accident to see why he fell asleep and whether he violated the hours of service regulations. Additionally, lawyers for the victims will look into the history of this tractor trailer driver and the company that hired him to see if he has any record of past violations, whether the trucking company was negligent in hiring him and whether the trucking company had adequate policies and training in place to prevent this kind of terrible accident from happening.