Posted On: July 27, 2009 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Four People Killed in Auto Accident on I-95 Near Savannah, Georgia

Four people were killed after a pickup truck crashed into a minivan on I-95 South near Savannah, Georgia over the weekend, according to an article on Apparently, the pickup truck driver was driving the wrong way on I-95 during the late morning hours on Sunday. The pickup truck driver, Michael Delph, caused a head-on collision with the minivan that was occupied by five people, according to the article. Three of the minivan occupants died while two others were seriously injured and taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

There are several issues that are raised in a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit that arises from such a tragic accident and involves several victims. The first issue in any such fatal accident- who was at fault in causing the accident- appears to be obvious. However, when a person is driving the wrong way on a highway as large and well traveled as I-95, the analysis goes further than ordinary negligence on the part of the pickup truck driver. As suggested in the article, other factors that indicate reckless driving by the pickup driver are likely involved. For instance, a lawyer for the injured passengers and family of the deceased would look into the pickup driver's blood alcohol content to explain how he could be driving the wrong way in the center lane on a road such as I-95 (open containers of alcohol were apparently found in Michael Delph's truck). Since Michael Delph, the pickup driver, also died as a result of this accident, there obviously will not be a typical DUI investigation conducted by the police officers who responded to the scene. However, there are other ways for wrongful death/personal injury lawyers to investigate an at-fault driver's level of intoxication when he/she dies in an accident. Medical records of that pickup driver from his treatment after the accident often provide helpful information to determine his condition at the time of the accident. While such medical records are normally confidential, they can be obtained by a wrongful death/personal injury lawyer in the context of a lawsuit where the other driver's condition is an issue.