Posted On: December 22, 2009 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Semi Truck Crash Kills One Semi Truck Driver on I-95 in Flagler County, Florida

Two semi trucks were involved in a serious accident on I-95 in Flagler County, Florida (which is about an hour south of Jacksonville, Florida), according to an article on We write often about the duties and obligations of tractor trailer drivers that go above and beyond those of regular cars and trucks and the safety issues that arise when semit truck drivers do not follows the safety regulations. In this traffic crash, one semi truck driver had pulled over on the side of I-95 due to a malfunction with the vehicle early Tuesday morning while it was still dark, according to the article. However, when that semi truck driver pulled back onto I-95, he did so in front of another semi truck being driven by Julio Rentas, who was killed in the crash.

Semi truck drivers are not only charged with driving safely while on the roads but making sure they are safe when they have to make stops. A semi truck pulling back into the road in the early morning hours can pose as much of a danger to other vehicles as any other time while driving at highway speeds. Some questions to look at in this situation are whether the semi truck that pulled into the road was properly marked so other drivers could see it in the darkness. Tractor trailers, especially the trailers, can be very difficult for other drivers to see if not marked properly. Additionally, because semi trucks take longer to build speed, they must have more space before they can pull out from a stopped position on the side of the road. How much space did this semi truck driver have before pulling out in front of Mr. Rentas? The article suggests that the answer may be: not enough. Additionally, what was the malfunction that caused the semi truck driver to stop in the first place? If it was something that could and should have been resolved during the pre-trip check of the vehicle, this accident may have been completely avoidable.