Posted On: July 6, 2010 by Shorstein & Lasnetski

Three Killed in Auto Accident After Grill Falls From Truck in Brevard County, Florida

Three people were killed after their vehicle swerved off of I-95 and drove into a tree in Titusville, Florida. According to the article, the driver, Jeff Cain, had to swerve to avoid a grill that fell off a truck in front of Mr. Cain's vehicle on I-95. The car left the roadway and rolled over before hitting a tree. Three occupants were killed, and another was seriously injured.

These kinds of accidents are not uncommon, unfortunately. Normally, when there is a one-vehicle accident, fault for the accident lies with the driver of that vehicle. However, there are exceptions, for instance, when another driver's negligence causes a hazard like this one. Whenever a person places something in his/her vehicle or trailer that could potentially be a hazard to other drivers on the roads, it is imperative that the person secure that item to ensure that it does not fall from the vehicle or trailer. A grill falling onto I-95 would certainly qualify as a potentially dangerous object that needs to be securely tied down. When a grill or similar object falls onto a road like I-95 where the speed limit is 65 miles per hour, it creates a serious and immediate hazard that is likely to cause a serious accident like this one. In a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit surrounding an accident like this, it is important to investigate how the grill was secured, if at all, why it fell from that vehicle and how the person was driving with that unsecured load in his/her vehicle. More than likely, the driver of the vehicle with the grill was negligent in failing to properly store and secure the grill which resulted in this serious, fatal accident.

Hopefully, the driver of the truck stopped at the scene of the crash, or his license tag was recorded by someone, so that his information and insurance information could be discovered. If so, personal injury/wrongful death lawyers would certainly want to question that driver about the circumstances of him/her placing and securing the grill in the truck and the manner in which he/she was driving with that grill in the truck. If not, the injured victim and the families of the deceased victims would still be able to make a claim with their own insurance companies for damages under an uninsured motorist insurance policy.