Eight Senators Unveil New Bipartisan Immigration Policy

Eight United States Senators came out with a general, non-detailed plan for future immigration policy in the United States. One of the senators included Florida Republican, Marco Rubio. It is a four point plan that includes:

1) Creating a path to citizenship for those who are already here without legal authority, while securing the borders so more people cannot enter without inspection;

2) Allowing more unskilled employees to enter the country legally if the employer can establish that there are no U.S. employees to fit the employment qualifications;

3) Creating employment verification so employers can’t hire aliens who are here without authorization;

4) Reforming the immigration process to allow those who want to immigrate lawfully a more streamlined path.

No details have emerged about this bipartisan agreement. And it remains to be seen whether the legislature as a whole will accept any or all of the general principals. The four point plan also echos, in many ways, current immigration law. So we will have to wait and see whether this is simply political posturing, or whether noticeable change is around the corner.

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