Lasnetski Gihon Law help a Lawful Permanent Resident remove an Aggravated Felony Conviction

Last week, the experienced criminal and immigration attorneys at Lasnetski Gihon Law helped a client remove a criminal conviction that made him an aggravated felon. A prior criminal defense attorney did not advise the client, who is a lawful permanent resident, that entering a plea to a crime of violence with a two year prison sentence would make him an aggravated felon and almost guarentee his deportation from the United States.
The client is currently in removal proceedings and attorneys from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have opined that our client had no relief from removal because of the aggravated felony conviction. Attorneys from SLG negotiated with the prosecutors and convinced the criminal judge that our client’s rights were violated when he was not clearly advised that his conviction would all but ensure his removal from the United States. Now that SLG helped him change his conviction to something that is not an aggravated felony, our client will have relief from removal, and may be able to stay here in the United States with his family and avoid deportation.
This is another success story about how SLG can help non-citizens whose rights were violated in the criminal justice system. If you are not a citizen and you are currently being prosecuted for a crime in Florida, call us today so we can represent you in criminal court and protect your immigration rights. Do not rely on a public defender or criminal defense attorney who does not know immigration law to protect your immigration status.
If you were convicted in criminal court in Florida, are now being threatened with deportation for that conviction, and your criminal attorney did not tell you that you will be deported because of your plea, call us. We may be able to help you vacate and set aside your plea in the criminal case and protect your immigration rights. Don’t wait until after the damage is done and you are facing imminent deportation. Call us today.

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